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Tunstall Healthcare is a world leading provider of connected healthcare solutions. With more than 50 years' experience developing innovative Connected Care and Connected Health solutions, we provide service in 51 countries and support more than 3.5 million people worldwide every day.

Friendly and professional response operators are available 24/7 at our monitoring center

Tunstall Americas is a leading supplier of Connected Healthcare Products and services, including Connected Care Medical Alert/Personal Emergency Response Systems and Connected Health Virtual Contact Center services for hospitals, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies.

Tunstall Americas was formed in 2012, when Tunstall Healthcare Group acquired the American Medical Alert Corporation (AMAC).

Award winning Products and services support thousands of leading healthcare and senior providers in all 50 states and Canada.

Designed to comply with FDA and ETL for Safety and effectiveness

Tunstall Americas offers a unique integrated connected care platform encompassing:

  • Innovative sensor technology
  • Medication reminder devices
  • Help at the touch of a button
  • Professional care counselors and safety monitoring 24/7
  • HIPAA compliant and FDA registered Products and services

Our unique range of Medical Alert/PERS Products provide help at the touch of a button in the home. View more

Our Hospital Solutions manage and direct patient and provider calls efficiently and accurately for hospitals, healthcare systems, and physicians’ offices. View more

Our Pharmaceutical Services enhance care delivery and increase health outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, insurance payers, and life science companies. View more


"Not long after speaking with you, one of my clients called to thank me for his Easter card.  This particular client has a MSD.  He also has had some major brain injuries which make speaking a bit difficult for him.  As we were talking, he told me how much he appreciates the operators when he has pressed his button.  He said that not only has the unit saved his life a few times, but the operators are always so nice when speaking with him.  Because of the brain injuries, he is very insecure about the way his voice slurs, etc.  He said the operators never make him feel inferior—which is a very big deal to him (and me)!  So, thank you so very much to those wonderful, caring operators!"

-Kathleen L.
PERS Sales and Management

"When we were on the phone earlier, I told you about another client who lives in Nevada County.  This gentleman runs a road grader out in the rural areas of the county.  One of the reasons he got the MSD is because some places are so far back that no cell signal is available.  He has fallen before and wanted something to perhaps give him a sense of connection.  While there are a few places that even the awesome MSD cannot get a signal, for the most part, it works very well.   Once he fell while getting off his equipment and was tangled up, unable to get up.  Thank goodness he had turned the road grader off before this!  Anyway, he tried first to just call one of his team members who wasn’t very far away.  Unfortunately, his Verizon cell phone had no signal.  However, when he pressed his MSD button, it worked like a champ?  He wasn’t hurt, just needed a little help getting untangled.  

This excites me so much!  Verizon usually has a much better signal down in this area—especially the rural ones—than AT&T.  The fact that our MSD worked when Verizon did not—well, it made me very happy!"

-Kathleen L.
PERS Sales and Management

"I was very impressed with the quality of the service you are  providing to our patients. The commitment your team demonstrates is  remarkable, thanks for having the patients as the center of your core  values it is definitely aligned with [our] values as well. Looking  forward to more satisfied customers!"

-Clari A.
Oncology Brand Manager

"I really like that the [MedMinder] is easy to fill, simple to set up, and if I need texts that he [client] hasn't been taking his meds, we can adjust the options on it later. I think this is going to really help Gerald."

Nurse / caregiver

"I just have to praise Margaret again! She is such a wonderful customer service representative for the MSD. I consider myself fortunate to have such super people with which to work - thank you Margaret for your help this morning, you are awesome :)"

-Kathleen L.
PERS Sales and Management

Leadership Team
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Casey Pittock
President, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Dobrowsky
Chief Financial Officer
Venkat Sathiya­moorthy
Senior Vice President, Connected Health
Seth Muraskin
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Ryan Fix
Vice President and General Manager, Connected Care
Erez Pick
Vice President, Operations
Edward Mockler
Vice President, IT
Andrew McIntosh
Group Director, Solutions Management

Casey Pittock - President, Chief Executive Officer

In 2014, Casey was appointed President and CEO of Tunstall Americas, the North American division of Tunstall Healthcare, the world's largest connected health care company. Casey has been in the connected health industry for two decades. He was the founder and president of TelCARE and served as an executive at Lifeline Systems, and subsequently Philips Lifeline. He held leadership roles at several innovative Silicon Valley companies including BAM Labs, Wellcore, and Blue Libris.

Casey continues to advise several early stage connected health technology companies. He has served on the President's Council of the Assisted Living Federation of America and has been a presenter and panelist at Connected Health Symposium and Center for Connected Health, Aging in America, and at the American Society of Aging/National Council on Aging Annual Conference. Casey is a graduate of Stanford University.

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Paul Dobrowsky - Chief Financial Officer

Paul has 25+ years of experience in growth oriented health care and technology companies. Paul was most recently the CFO and Director of mergers & acquisition for MD On-Line where he supported growth initiatives, product expansion, upgrade of infrastructure and business analysis. Paul successfully managed the sale of privately held MD On-Line Company to Ability Network, a Bain Capital Company. Paul has held numerous other operations, finance and business development roles at Monster.com. Prudential and Lehman Brothers and co-founded a business consulting firm.

Ryan Fix - Vice President and General Manager, Connected Care

Ryan Fix joined Tunstall Americas in 2014 and currently serves as the Vice President and General Manager, Connected Care for North America. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, he is responsible for the day to day leadership and strategic direction of the business.

Ryan is an accomplished business leader with 16 years of experience in the healthcare and technology industries. He has held management and leadership positions at Lifeline Systems, Philips Home Monitoring & Wellcore.

Under Ryan’s entrepreneurial leadership, he successfully led two startups to successful exits. Ryan was the CEO of a multi-state home health & hospice company where he led a succesful turnaround resulting in an acquisition by Gentiva Healthcare. Ryan holds a BA, Business Administration from Trinity University and is obtaining his MBA from Seattle University.

Venkat Sathiyamoorthy - Senior Vice President, Connected Health

Venkat Sathiyamoorthy joined Tunstall Americas in 2011 after having served as a Strategic Delivery Head for an International Contact Center serving global Clientele in the Telecom, BFSI and Market Intelligence space. He brings with him 15 years of Operational expertise on Project Management, Service Delivery & Process Excellence. He was instrumental in the global expansion of many of his clients.

In 2015, Venkat was elevated to General Manager & Senior Vice President and serves on the senior leadership team as the head of Tunstall's Connected Health Solution (Pharmaceutical Solutions, Hospital Solutions and Medical Answering Services). In his capacity as the Senior Vice President, he is responsible for day-to-day oversight of the Company's operations, P&L and strategic initiatives and Growth for the Company.

Amongst his peers and colleagues, Venkat is well known for being a proponent of change, innovation and leadership best practices. He is renowned for injecting new vigour, new ideas and new models in all his business engagements.

Venkat holds a Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation, a Masters from the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management and a MDP Certification from IIM- Ahmedabad.

Seth Muraskin - Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Prior to Tunstall, Seth served as Chief of Staff and Director of Human Resources for The Starec Trust and the Really Cool Food Company. In that capacity, he was responsible for all HR operations and all administrative matters for a Family Office. Seth comes to Tunstall with a legal background, having served as an Assistant District Attorney and running his own practice for 10 years.

Erez Pick - Vice President, Operations

Erez Pick joined Tunstall Americas in 2012 bringing with him over 25 years of leadership, management and operational experience in the medical devices and healthcare industries. Serving as the Vice President of Operations, Erez serves as part of the senior leadership team and is responsible for the operations of the fulfillment center, product engineering and the New York City installation team. Erez has extensive experience in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, product development and global manufacturing operations and holds several patents on orthopedic devices.

Prior to joining Tunstall, Erez served in senior leadership positions in various medical device companies.

Erez holds a Master of Business Administration in Management and Marketing from Baruch College, City University of New York, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Andrew McIntosh - Group Director, Solutions Management

Andrew McIntosh joined Tunstall Americas in 2013 to direct product management activities, bringing over 25 years experience within the UK based Tunstall Healthcare Group where he lead many product innovation and business development initiatives and played a key role in Tunstall's international expansion into Europe, Australasia, and North America, and in the establishment of telecare and telehealth markets in the UK.

At Tunstall Americas, Andrew oversees the development and launch of new product and service solutions that meet customer needs and maintain and expand Tunstall's market position.

Andrew has a background in computer and communication systems engineering, is a member of the BCS Chartered Institute of IT, and holds a BSc in Electronic Communication from the University of Salford.

Edward Mockler - Vice President, IT

Ed Mockler is serving as Vice President of IT, responsible for IT Systems Development and IT Technical Services which includes IT Production and Computer Operations. Prior to joining Tunstall Americas in July of 2015 Ed served in various senior leadership and technical capacities in technology and retail organizations.

Ed's previous positions have included SVP and CIO, Director of Technical Services, Director of Technical Architectures, Systems Analyst, and online course developer. Some projects of merit Ed drove were the creation of highly successful online technology courses At EMC used by EMC's Partner Group which included organizations such as PwC, Accenture, Deloitte, Tata and Cap Gemini.

While the Director of Technical Architecture and Project Planning at Stream International Ed's technology teams created very large and highly effective call centers and data centers that interconnected and serviced technology vendors such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. Also at Stream International Ed's three tier SAP implementation was so effective in using IBM's multiple tier technologies that IBM used the configurations and interviews with Ed in their promotional and marketing materials.

Working at Tunstall

Tunstall Healthcare Group employs over 3,000 people globally, 600 of which work for Tunstall Americas. 

Tunstall Americas provides a positive, friendly and professional working environment. 

Our corporate office is based in Long Island City, New York. Our operations and monitoring centers are located in Long Island City, NY, Pawtucket, RI, and Newington, CT. These facilities support 24/7 operations 365 days/year. Our Toronto, Ontario office supports sales and distribution services for all of Canada.

We support the personal well being and professional development of our staff.  Our entire business is fundamentally about caring for people – our employees enjoy working in this caring environment and take pride in making a difference in people’s lives.

To learn about our available opportunities, please email your inquiry or resume to: USinfo@tunstall.com

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