The Connected Life
from Tunstall

The Connected Life is a new Tunstall initiative that is now available.

It is a collection of Connected Care and Connected Health services aimed at supporting the independence, freedom, social engagement, and health and well-being of individuals.



Connected Care uses technology in the home combined with personal support at a distance to enable a resident to remain independent for as long as possible. Connected Care solutions are individualized to match the needs of the resident.

Activity Monitoring


Works at critical periods during the day when a person's activities around their home normally fit a regular pattern. If the pattern is broken then it may indicate that the resident has had an accident or is unwell and needs assistance, so a notification is automatically made to the resident's caregiver who can respond.

Environmental Monitoring


Monitoring of temperature extremes, smoke, and flood enables a timely response by emergency services or by a caregiver to events that may be life threatening or pose a risk to property, health, or well being.


24/7 help at the touch of a button or upon automatic detection of a fall.

Emergency 24/7 Help
Independence in the Home
Social Media


The resident receives and views messages on their TV from friends, family, and community organizations. Messages can incorporate text, photo, or video, and using a TV remote the resident can respond to messages using simple multiple choice answers.

Medication Management


Using an intelligent medication dispenser can make a simple routine out of what would have been a daunting and confusing medication regimen. It enables the resident to be reminded when it is time to take a dose and to dispense the right dose. A missed dose can be alerted to a remote caregiver, as can refill reminders or dispenser issues.

Health and Wellness

Health and

Technology enables a resident to keep track of their health and for a caregiver to support them in doing so. This may be important in a non-medical sense to develop and encourage health behaviors relating to diet, activity and exercise, mood, and weight. It can also benefit people with a long term chronic condition by enabling them to manage their symptoms and remain as well as possible.


Connected Care enables freedom outdoors allowing individuals to leave the home and be more active, knowing that support can easily be summoned if difficulties or illness arise or they become lost or disoriented.

Mobile Safety Monitoring

Mobile Safety

Using a small portable device that works on the cellular network enables the user to make an emergency call to the response center when they need help at home or on the go.

Freedom with Mobile Safety Monitoring
Informal Caregivers

Informal Caregivers

Receive timely information and be able to react to the changing needs of their loved one. For instance ADLs, falls, and medication support. They have piece of mind that aspects of significant risk will be responded to even in their absence, knowing that their loved one will be treated with dignity, respect, and friendliness.

Care Counselor

Care Counselor

Services that engage with consumers, caregivers, and professionals by phone in a friendly and supportive capacity to remind, coach, listen to, mediate, and advise.

Informal Caregivers alerted if necessary Informal Caregivers alerted if necessary

Family, Friends,
and Community

Can remain connected and in touch, exchange news, plans, and memories even though they are distant.

Family, Friends, and Community
Hospital, Primary Care, and Homecare Team

Hospital, Primary Care, and Homecare Team

Healthcare professionals receive timely information and trending reports. They have greater visibility of their clients' well-being and can case manage more effectively.


Connected Care services can dramatically reduce admissions to nursing homes and the requirement for other forms of domiciliary care by extending the time individuals can safely remain independent at home. Connected Care can also enable expedited hospital discharge, support care transitions and reduce re-admissions. 

Case Studies

Connected Care is known as telecare in the UK and is a mainstream service which has been shown to be a very cost effective component of long term care that can save care funding bodies millions of dollars a year and at the same time improve the lives of citizens.

A collection of case studies published by Tunstall describe Connected Care services in the UK and how they are valued by the NHS (National Health Service) and the local authority social service departments.

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