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60th Anniversary

Our Diamond Year: Tunstall turns 60 in 2017

Over the last sixty years, Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, creating the connected healthcare industry as we know it today, and supporting more than 5 million people and their families across the world. Tunstall was the first to develop alarm systems for older people, and has continued to lead the market ever since, remaining at the forefront of developments such as telecare and telehealth, right up to the present day where we are harnessing the power of digital technology.

On 20th March, the company celebrated its diamond anniversary, and the start of a new era in the way they work with customers to transform services, becoming more integrated, proactive, and cost-effective using technology as an enabler. 2017 will be a pivotal year for Tunstall as they drive the next generation of digital connected healthcare services, helping their customers to manage demand and transform the health, housing, and social care landscape.

Tunstall’s digital Connected Healthcare eco system, using cloud-based technology, means that for the first time all elements of Connected Healthcare can link together. Service users, the services and devices that protect and support them, the formal and informal carers who look after them, and the social care, health, and housing providers can all be connected to one another in real time, all the time. This will enable significant enhancements in the quality of care and support provided in the home.

Casey Pittock, President & CEO, North America, commented;

"60 years is a remarkable milestone for any organization.  At Tunstall Americas, we take great pride in being part of a worldwide company that has had a positive impact on millions of people through technology enabled healthcare services for six decades.  In the US and Canada, we manage almost 10 million connected healthcare interactions per year, ranging from simple appointment reminders to supporting complex medication regimens to dispatching emergency services to save lives.  The culture of caring is tangible throughout our company, and we look forward to helping millions more people in the decades ahead."

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Tunstall Healthcare Group helps over 8 Million people each year.